What is Cathedral Cafes?

We are visting every one of our Church Of England cathedral cafes — how exciting!!

This is a very important challenge that after almost 2000 years will unveil England's finest cathedral.

Each church is brutally critiqued on fundamental criteria such as their cakes, the quality of their dead people and on the trivia we learn on the day. The result is a compelling league table that has gripped the nation! So, which church has the "†-factor"?



Structural wonder

grave stone!


Famous bodies buried

cafe tea-cup


The cornerstone of every cathedral

treasure chest


Valued items

stories, myths and trivia


Myths, stories and anecdotes

Our Targets

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A Fun Fact!!


Occasionally a city has more than one C of E cathedral and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you that London is one of them. As a church this one is much older (pre-conquest) than Wren's little design and much more like a comfy armchair - we loved this little church. This choice for two 17th century bards is a tiny and condensed church where the photography tax is well worthwile.

Must-Dos: Find the 10th century stones, find the memorial to W. Shakespeare, drink tea.

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England's most modern cathedral in a youthful 1927 diocese. Along with the Queen, one of team CC's grandmother owns a brick here.

Must-Dos: Watch The Omen, find the royal bricks, drink tea.

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Chichester, "the most typical English Cathedral", was a well equipped cafe and accommodates one of our most famous composers. Found on the river Lavant, just beneath the South Downs and opposite The House of Frasier, we have an 11th century church with Roman and Anglo-Saxon *and* Norman footnotes.

Must-Dos: Find Holst's corpse, wait for some falcons to fly, drink tea.

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A relatively quick Norman build, 1096 - 1145, the church required the demolition of the towns marketplace, two churches and a few houses, however, this is England's most complete Norman cathedral.

Must-Dos: Find the pre-reformation wall paintings, read the bosses' stories, drink tea.

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Apprehensive of the long 8am train journey from London the CC adventurers were eventually greeted by glorious sunshine and a truly magnificent church on a delightful village green. Stand-out feature: The Cafe! With its vaulted roof, stained glass windows, immaculate garden, great food, tea and service.

Must-Dos: Gaze at the twin towers, find Hickery Dickery clock, drink tea.

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England's second oldest cathedral and possibly its finest Norman church. Found in the smallest diocese, this intimate church in central Rochester has over 1400 years of history and was cheated out of one of England's greatest dead bodies — Charles John Huffam Dickens.

Must-Dos: Find the Wheel Of Fortune, read some (slightly bitter) Dickens trivia, drink tea.

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An architectural treat with 1000 years of history - this building stands out amongst our Cathedrals. Also features Imps.

Must-Dos: Do a Roof tour, find some Imps, drink tea.

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