(tea drinkers, cathedral tinkers)

We are visting every one of our Church Of England cathedral cafes — how exciting!!

This is a very important challenge that will eventually unveil England's finest cathedral after almost 2000 years of guesswork.

Each church is brutally critiqued on fundamental criteria — such as their cakes — then each is given a "lifeline" with a chance to add to their score by the quality of their dead people, individual querks or by however they charmed us on the day.

So, which church has the "†-factor"?

cafe tea-cup


The cornerstone of every Cathedral

grave stone!


Famous bodies buried

treasure chest


Valued items



Structural wonders



Myths, stories and anecdotes


This was a day out that took all the Cathedral Cafe adventurers a little by surprise. Apprehensive of the long 8am train journey from London but when greeted by glorious sunshine and a truly magnificent church on a delightful village green, we immediately banished the journey to the back of our minds.

Stand-out feature: The Cafe! With it's vaulted roof, stained glass windows, immaculate garden, great food, tea and service. But don't spend your entire visit drinking the tea here — on a nice day ensure you leave time to soak up the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle on the green.

Must-Dos: Admire the twin towers, find the Hickery Dickery clock and then the sledging flag.

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England's second oldest Cathedral, in its smallest diocese, this intimate church in central Rochester has over 1400 years of history and was cheated out of one of England's greatest dead bodies — Charles John Huffam Dickens.

King Ethelbert of Kent gave the go-ahead for construction in 604 and a choir school from that day still sings. But the only physical evidence of the Saxon church are the foundation stones; today's church mostly shows what happened when the Normans pitched-up and Bishop Gundulf got building and created what is commonly cited as "England's finest Norman church".

Must-Dos: Tea at the cafe, find the Kent Bell, Dickens.

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An architectural treat to which we should thank a Bishop Hugh who was quite a popular chap back in the late 1100's. By far the most important figure-head Lincoln Cathedral has seen (bar the Imp) he will be disappointed to be ignored from the Dead Person scoring category due to his career choice. His zeal for the beauty of "the house of God" led to decades of (in cathedral terms) outrageous and sumptuous architecture.

Built on a hill to be closer to God and with 1000 years of history this building stands out amongst our Cathedrals.

Must-Dos: Roof tour, Magna Carta, Imp.

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The Score Board!

** actual scores will follow shortly **

  1. Lincoln 100
  2. Exeter 100
  3. Guildford 100
  4. Chichester 100
  5. Rochester 100
  6. Norwich 100