A Cycle Around the 12 Parishes of Jersey

Jersey is one of The Channel Islands. It is 9 miles by 5. It is divided into 12 Church Of England Parishes and each one of these has a church. This is a short story about using a bicycle to visit each of them.

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EuroPython 2014

EuroPython is consistently one of the highlights of my calendar and 2014 was no different when Berlin presented over 100 talks, dozens of lightening versions, training and then sprints to 1200 attendees over 7 days.

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What Is Docker?

I hope that this is not just another excitable post about Docker and how great it is. I won't repeat the documentation, I won't regurgitate the clichés and I won't even try and convince you to use it — phew!

I'll only try and define what it is.

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Two Weeks In Palestine

The politics here we knew to be pretty ugly and the religion I anticipated to be intriguingly overwhelming — but then to meet people that couldn't actually comprehend us not believing in a "god" was totally unexpected and really surreal.

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